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India has to rise to its full potential as Veda Bhumi Bharat


Welcome to "Maharishi's Programmes in India" Official Website. This site provides an overview of the profound Vedic Knowledge and many programmes made available in India through the activities and inspiration of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji.

More than thirty programmes and organisations are currently listed.
Over the upcoming time more depth and detail will be added to the current listings including
many practical details of programmes available in all parts of India
so we hope you will visit regularly.

Everything is Vedic

The main message of this site is that every individual is really Cosmic: everyone's Atma is the ocean of Knowledge, Power, and Bliss. And through Maharishi's Vedic Science and Technology everyone can experience this in daily life, making Heaven on Earth a practical reality for all mankind.

Maharishi says that Veda is the Constitution of Natural Law - the structuring dynamics of physical, material creation. Veda is the self-referral dynamism of the transcendental field of pure subjectivity, which is the transcendental basis of creation and its orderly administration through Natural Law.

Everything is made of Veda - total Natural Law. Everything is Vedic. Everyone is Vedic. Since everything is Vedic,
everything should be what it is.

Modern Science and Vedic Science

The objective approach of modern science has discovered the Unified Field of Natural Law, which declares the ultimate reality of physical creation to be the Unified Field of self-referral consciousness, the field of pure subjectivity.

This level of reality being self-referral is self-knowing and therefore is the togetherness of the three qualities of knower, knowing and known - in Vedic terminology, Samhita of Rishi, Devata, Chhandas. This three-in-one structure of the Unified Field is the structure of Pure Knowledge: the Veda, with the potentiality of infinite organising power - the totality of all the Laws of Nature that create and administer the universe with perfect orderliness.

Veda in Human Physiology

Professor Tony Nader M.D., Ph.D., has demonstrated scientifically that the human physiology is made of the 40 aspects of Veda and Vedic Literature, and that all the Gods and Goddesses - infinite organising powers of all kinds - and the whole cosmos, are seated in the physiology of every human being.

Therefore every individual - whether Christian or Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist, Sikh or Jain or Parsee - has been scientifically proven to be cosmic, and to have unlimited cosmic potentiality. Higher Intelligence is located in the very physiological structure of every man, woman and child in the nation, and only needs to be awakened for everyone to enjoy the support of Higher Intelligence.

Ram Raj

India in ancient times had created a perfect government and Heaven on Earth - Ram-Raj - by taking recourse to Higher Intelligence, providing every citizen the opportunity to awaken Higher Intelligence within the physiology itself, and developing the support of Higher Intelligence in national life:

Yatinam Brahma Bhavati Sarathih

'To those established in self-referral consciousness, Rk Veda - the Constitution
of the Universe - offers the support of the infinite organizing power of Natural Law.'

Now Maharishi is offering India the opportunity to recreate those ancient times of perfection in life in this scientific age, so that India radiates the nourishing influence of Natural Law to every country.

Now Maharishi is offering every individual the chance to live the reality not of Vedaham - I know the Veda - but of Vedoham: I am the Veda, so that every person enjoys infinite power, infinite knowledge and infinite bliss.

For this supreme knowledge of Natural Law, we are indebted to the source of Total Knowledge - the great Masters of the Vedic Tradition - the embodiments of Total Knowledge, Luminaries of Gyan Ganga, radiating the light of Total knowledge, age after age through the infinity of time. We celebrate the eternal Tradition of Total Knowledge - Vedic Tradition.

Jai Guru Dev

India, established in Vedic values, will be enlightened India, Invincible India, Ideal India, which will unify the world
and perpetuate world peace by creating a Global Administration through Natural Law.
-   Maharishi