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Offer of Invincibility To Every Nation

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who introduced Transcendental Meditation to the world forty years ago, and opened the gateway of enlightenment to millions of people, is now bringing invincibility to every nation and perpetual peace to the world family through membership in his Global Administration through Natural Law.

Following is the text of an advertisement placed in the International Herald Tribune in the first week of January of 1999.

Access to Invincibility through Natural Law
New Year Coming with a New Message
of Invincibility to Every Nation

Iraq Conflict Raises An Alarm for Every Nation

The Council of Supreme Intelligence of Maharishi's Global Administration through Natural Law is raising an alarm: a conflict like that between Iraq and the United States and United Kingdom can happen to any nation at any time. Any nation at any time could try to destroy any other nation, and the United Nations will be powerless to resolve the situation. And it is possible for even a small nation to become a thorn for the whole family of nations.

Situations like that in Iraq have happened before and they will happen again. We therefore propose that every government should take steps to prevent the birth of any enemy to their nation and be free from fear by raising their nation to invincibility.

Membership in Maharishi's
Global Administration Through Natural Law

To achieve this goal, the Council of Supreme Intelligence is inviting every country to become a member of Maharishi's Global Administration through Natural Law. This membership will be as effective for every nation as membership in the United Nations has been ineffective.

Maharishi's Global Administration through Natural Law has a prevention-oriented approach to invincibility which utilizes the nourishing power of Natural Law-the holistic intelligence of Nature-which is the administrator of the whole universe.

Experts in Yogic Flying To Create an
Integrated, Invincible National Consciousness

The United Nations charges every government money to be a member. Membership in Maharishi's Global Administration through Natural Law is not through paying a membership fee, but is through creating integrated national consciousness by establishing a group or groups of Yogic Flyers. These groups of Yogic Flyers will maintain coherence in collective consciousness disallowing any neighbour or distant country to become poisonous to the nation.

This approach is very simple to implement and can be achieved within four months. A group of Yogic Flyers has the ability to enliven the support of the invincible power of Natural Law for the nation, and avert the birth of an enemy.

This effect can be created by a group ranging in size from 100 Yogic Flyers for the smallest countries up to 7000 Yogic Flyers for the world's largest nations.This approach to attaining invincibility is supported by the most recent discoveries in modern science such as the fundamental insights gained in Unified Quantum Field Theory. It has also been consistently verified by scientific research-more than 40 studies to date documenting the effectiveness of this approach to invincibility through Natural Law.

Taking Recourse to Higher Intelligence

Why do the UN's efforts always fail, as in the present conflict in Iraq? Because they do not have the support of higher intelligence, so whatever is done on the level of human intelligence does not display the total nourishing power of Natural Law and therefore results are not long lasting.

The present situation in Iraq should be an alarm for every country. Every nation should follow the maxim: 'Avert the danger which has not yet come'.
The way to accomplish this is to take recourse to higher intelligence-the holistic intelligence of Natural Law-by establishing a group of experts in Yogic Flying in any area of society.

When a spark falls on wet grass it is extinguished; when it falls on dry grass, a conflagration begins. The choice is there for every nation now: any government can create a nation that is secure from fires of war and is invincible through the support of the nourishing power of Natural Law, or it can remain in a state of constant uncertainty.

Creating Perpetual World Peace

In fact, every nation on earth can now rise to enjoy an invincible status and then no one will have the intention to harm anyone else-and the result will be perpetual world peace.

Every government is welcome to join Maharishi's Global Administration through Natural Law through which all nations will quickly gain the support of higher intelligence. This will create not only national invincibility and self-sufficiency, but also a problem-free, conflict-free, integrated national life, and a perpetually peaceful family of nations.

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