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Gandharva Veda is based on melodies called Ragas. Each Raga has a unique structure which combines both fixed elements and infinite possibilities of variation, allowing the musician to bring out all the subtle values of the frequencies present at that time of the day. Each Raga is based on one of the ten basic scales called Thaat, which determine the notes that are permitted in the Raga.

The knowledge of when to play each melody is based on three-hour periods called Praharas which correspond to the changing frequencies of Nature throughout the day. Maharishi Gandharva Veda provides music to create balance in the environment throughout these eight Praharas: Sunrise, Morning, Midday, Afternoon, Sunset, Evening, Midnight and Late Night. When a Raga is played at the correct time, the physiology of the individual listener and his environment can be brought into alliance with the Natural Laws that govern life and maintain its progress and evolution.

How to Listen

It is best to listen to Maharishi Gandharva Veda in a comfortable position sitting or lying down with the eyes closed.

Listening to these melodies brings practical benefits by cultivating and nourishing positive qualities. Even when no one is present to listen, playing the music 24 hours a day in your home or workplace generates a peaceful, soothing atmosphere that uplifts the whole environment.

By playing this music you join in creating greater peace, harmony, and joy for yourself, your family and the world.

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