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40 Areas of Inner Intelligence of the Body

The inner intelligence of the body gives rise to the structure and function of the physiology. The chart below presents the quality of Intelligence associated with each aspect of the physiology described by modern anatomy. In the state of perfect health all forty qualities of intelligence seen in this chart function together with their physiological expression, the human body in an integrated fashion.

The origin of disease lies in the disturbance of this integrated functioning of one or more qualities of intelligence in the body. It is the lack of integration between the physiology and its inner intelligence that causes disorder and introduces disease. There are many values which can cause disorder in the integrated functioning.

If you study closely the qualities of intelligence mentioned below, you will realise the delicate structure of the 'Internet' of the physiology; and you will realise the relevance of the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health in the context of the findings of modern physiological research performed over the past two centuries.

'Managing Intelligence' of Nature at the Basis of the
Structures and Functions of the Human Physiology

Impulses of Consciousness -- structures and Structuring Dynamics of the Laws of Nature

Vedic Health Care
Components of Vedic Health Care:
A New, More Complete and Perfect System of Health Care

40 Areas of Inner Intelligence of the Body
Discovery of Veda and Vedic Literature in Human Physiology
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Hazards of Modern Medicine --
An Overview of Recent Scientific Research

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