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For health care to be scientific, it has to be Vedic Health Care, and if the study of health care is not supported by the theories of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, etc., then health care cannot be scientific. All theories of modern science uphold all disciplines of Vedic Science because Vedic Science is fundamental to modern science.

The Vedic ideal of health is the state of enlightenment -- a perfectly integrated state of mind, body, and behaviour; and an enriching, evolutionary relationship with the Cosmic Counterparts -- Sun, Moon, planets, and stars.

The individual is essentially Cosmic because the physiological expressions of the individual and the cosmos are both the expressions of the Veda and Vedic Literature, which present the holistic and specific structures of Natural Law emerging from the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness -- Vedic Consciousness.

The Vedic Approach to Health is the approach through Veda -- the approach through the complete knowledge of Natural Law.

The path of gaining enlightenment is the path of gaining perfect health -- freedom from weakness and suffering in the lively field of Total Knowledge (Gyan Shakti), which has infinite organising power (Kriya Shakti) -- Atma Chetana -- which is perpetually healthy and has the vitality to maintain the good health of all its expressions -- the physiology, the environment, etc.

The discovery of the Veda and Vedic Literature as the basis of the human physiology has changed the modern concept of health. Medicine-predominant health care is the foreign brand of health care, whereas the Indian brand of health care is knowledge-predominant, Gyan-predominant, which means Consciousness predominant -- Atma predominant.

Atma is all-knowingness, which is Unity in its self-referral state -- pure enlightenment. Atma is the most basic element, and the body, etc., is its expression. So the Vedic Health-Care System handles health from its most basic constituent -- the Atma of everyone.

The means to enjoy the full value of Vedic Health is to develop Vedic Consciousness -- fully awakened, fully enlightened consciousness -- upheld by all the values of Atma, upheld by the self-interacting dynamics of the Self -- upheld by the infinite organising power of the eternal, immortal field of total Natural Law.

Health care can never be complete unless it is Vedic, which means it should be upheld by all the forty qualities of Vedic Intelligence -- all the Laws of Nature, which together express themselves in the structures and functions of the human physiology, human behaviour, and the human relationship with the inner divine content of life and the outer cosmic content of life.

It must be known to everyone that life, being a lively field of all possibilities, and its range extending from the individual to the whole, ever-expanding cosmic universe, is a very delicate balance of innumerable opposite values -- Gahana karmano gatih (Bhagavad Gita, 4.17). The effect of the Karma of anyone has an enormously penetrating influence on the whole universe.

Therefore, the only way to live perfect health, without sickness and suffering, is to develop Vedic Consciousness, and follow the Vedic Procedures for daily living according to Natural Law life according to Natural Law.

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