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The Science of Transformation and Technology of Prediction: A Bright Future for Everyone

There is a one-to-one relationship between Cosmic Law, which governs


and the holistic and specific Laws of Nature that govern


Maharishi Jyotish -- Maharishi Vedic Astrology -- is one of the 40 precious disciplines of Maharishi’s Vedic Science. It is the science of transformation and technology of prediction.

As a science, Maharishi Jyotish is mathematically precise and contains the knowledge of the cycles of time that bring about all transformations. It explains how the Laws of Nature are responsible for all changes and developments experienced in life, and how life unfolds sequentially through the steps of evolution from the very moment of birth.

Maharishi Jyotish is the knowledge of the entire range of life. Its application encompasses all aspects of individual and collective life. Maharishi Jyotish reveals the relationship of individual life with cosmic life and enlivens their fundamental basis in consciousness.

As a technology of prediction, Maharishi Jyotish can bring to light the profile of an individual’s past, present, and future, thus providing the full understanding of any future trend, whether good or bad, as well as identifying any specific periods that might need extra attention in order to ensure continuation of life in tune with Natural Law.

According to this traditional knowledge, prediction of future events is possible because the same orderly and sequential Laws of Nature which govern the evolution of the universe also govern the life of the individual. Knowing any one point in the sequence, such as the time and place of birth, an expert can mathematically calculate forwards and backwards in time. In this way Maharishi Jyotish offers valuable predictive insights concerning tendencies in all areas of life -- health, partnerships, finances, education, career and family relationships.

Thus Maharishi Jyotish is a practical program which helps one to "avert the danger that has not yet come" and to take maximum advantage of the fortunate periods coming in one's life.

A special feature of the Maharishi Vedic Astrology programme is the availability of precise Vedic procedures, known as Maharishi Yagyas, to help avert problems and to support good fortune in life. The Maharishi Yagya programme helps to avoid future imbalances and is particularly necessary for anyone who is responsible for the well-being of others, such as parents, business managers, and teachers, because the destiny of others depends on their decisions.

"The development and progress of the people and the creation are all under the administration and authority of the planets."
--Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Chapter 84

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