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Basic Principles of Maharishi Jyotish

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In Maharishi Jyotish the birth horoscope is called Janma Kundali. The numbers in the Janma Kundali represent the twelve Rashis, or zodiac signs; and the abbreviations represent the nine Grahas, or planets.

Based on the configuration of these components as displayed in the birth horoscope, and the profound insight into the ancient Vedic knowledge of Maharishi Jyotish, the Pandit (expert) can predict when and how future trends and events will occur in different areas of life.

Sample of a Janma Kundali:
A chart of the heavens at the time of birth

The Nine Grahas (Planets)
Abbreviation Sanskrit Name English Name
Sy Surya Sun
Ch Chandra Moon
Ma Mangala Mars
Bu Budha Mercury
Gu Guru Jupiter
Sk Sukra Venus
Sa Shani Saturn
Ra Rahu Ascending Node
Ke Ketu Descending Node


The Twelve Rashis (Signs)
Number Sanskrit Name English Name
1 Mesha Aries
2 Vrishabha Taurus
3 Mithuna Gemini
4 Karka Cancer
5 Simha Leo
6 Kanya Virgo
7 Tula Libra
8 Vrishchika Scorpio
9 Dhanu Sagittarius
10 Makara Capricorn
11 Kumbha Aquarius
12 Meena Pisces

The placement of the Rashis and Grahas is determined by the birth date, birth time, and birthplace. Because this is different for everyone, each person’s horoscope must be interpreted individually.

All of the calculations for the interpretation of the horoscope are prepared by the Maharishi Jyotish experts, using a highly specialised and unique computer programme. At the end of each consultation the individual receives a printout of the calculated horoscope along with an explanation of the Sanskrit terms.

From the birth horoscope Maharishi Jyotish experts predict the effect of one’s thoughts and actions on personal life, health, wealth, profession, marriage, spiritual progress, etc. These experts analyze future tendencies, evaluate the favourable or unfavourable influences of any particular time, and recommend Maharishi Yagyas to enhance or counteract these influences and promote good fortune in life.

Predictions can be made not only for individuals, but also for families, companies, cities, states, provinces, and nations, so that measures may be taken to avert any unwanted development.

Maharishi Jyotish analysis of the Janma Kundali provides very helpful guidance in understanding one's strengths and weaknesses, and helps one make the right decisions in life at the right time. In addition, two other special types of analysis are available: Muhurta and Compatibility Analysis.

Muhurta: 'Well begun is half done.'

Muhurta is the selection of favourable moments to begin undertakings such as starting a business, getting married, etc. For example, the Maharishi Jyotish expert could examine a specific two-to-four week period when a new business is ready to be launched, and identify the most suitable day and hour for its beginning.

Compatibility Analysis

Compatibility Analysis helps promote harmony and avoid unnecessary conflict between two or more persons. This is achieved through a comprehensive analysis of their birth charts which considers their tendencies toward harmony or disharmony. It is useful before marriage or any other kind of partnership, including business partnerships.

Descriptive and Prescriptive

In addition to describing accurately the influence of the Grahas (planets) on health, prosperity, relationships, and other areas of life, Maharishi Jyotish also prescribes procedures to restore balance in the functioning of the laws of nature. The negative influences of the Grahas can be neutralized and the positive influences of the Grahas enhanced through proper Vedic performances -- Maharishi Yagyas.

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