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Maharishi Ji Vedic Approach to Health

Perfect health can only be achieved through a holistic approach that takes care of all the values that constitute health.

Each aspect of the body, as described by modern anatomy, has a quality of the inner intelligence of nature associated with it. It is the lack of integration between the physiology and its inner intelligence that causes disorder and introduces disease.

Maharishi's Vedic Approach to Health enlivens all the forty qualities of intelligence - the forty structures of Natural Law, the Veda and the Vedic Literature, that are available in the Atma, the Self, and are the intelligence at the basis of the structure and function of the individual physiology.

Maharishi's prevention-oriented Vedic Approach to Health is holistic and most basic; that is why it is free from harmful side-effects. It maintains balance between the body and its own inner intelligence, and between the inner intelligence of the individual, the collective consciousness of society, and the Cosmic Intelligence of the universe.

The Values that Constitute Health

The territory of Natural Law ranges from the infinite field of the unmanifest to the infinite field of the manifest; from the holistic value of infinity to the holistic value of infinity is the total value of Natural Law, which includes all the diversified values of different Laws of Nature within its holistic value.

That is why health, which is defined as WHOLENESS, is structured in both HOLISTIC and SPECIFIC values of Natural Law in a fully integrated and balanced state.

Unless the knowledge of this total field of Natural Law is considered, holistic health will not be available, and total health - total balance - will always be lacking.

The use of the modern scientific approach to health has demonstrated the limitations of modern medicine. Medicine-oriented health care alone is not enough to offer perfect health. Health care should take care of the holistic value of health, and also of all the specific values that constitute health:

  • Physiology
  • Intelligence at the basis of physiology
  • Influence of the environment
  • Influence of buildings in which one lives or works
  • Influence of the distant environment: sun, moon, planets, stars
  • Influence of collective health on society

(See 'Components of Vedic Health Care: A New, More Complete and Perfect System of Health Care')

Creating a Disease-Free, Healthy, Enlightened Society

The effectiveness of Maharishi's Vedic Approach to Health lies in its ability to utilise the total intelligence of Natural Law at the basis of the human physiology - to utilise that holistic value of Natural Law which structures the physiology and integrates the functioning of al aspects of body and mind. As a result, thought and behaviour are spontaneously more in harmony with Natural Law, which is the basis of good health.

Maharishi's Vedic Approach to Health proceeds on the road of balance between the holistic and specific values of Natural Law. It starts from any level of imbalance and, eliminating imbalance, arrives at the level of balance - integration of mind, body, behaviour, and environment.

A perfectly healthy person lives in the state of enlightenment, with the natural ability to spontaneously use the total organising power of Natural Law to accomplish any goal without strain. Ill health is fundamentally due to violation of Natural Law caused by lack of knowledge of Natural Law. Lack of knowledge of Natural Law weakens the individual and creates stress in society.

Maharishi's Vedic Approach to Health promotes individual and collective health through knowledge of Natural Law with all its expressions in material creation. It brings life increasingly into accord with Natural Law.

When the total intelligence of Natural Law is fully awake in every part of the physiology, then Maharishi's Vedic Approach to Health enjoys fulfilment. In this balanced state of health there is perfect synchrony between the functioning of every individual cell and holistic functioning of the whole body, and between the intelligence of the individual parts of the physiology, the holistic intelligence of the physiology, and Cosmic Intelligence which manages the whole universe. With this complete integration all thought and action are spontaneously in harmony with Natural Law and the individual naturally enjoys good health.

Maharishi's Vedic Approach to Health is destined to create a disease-free, healthy, enlightened society.

'Vedic Health enlivens the inner intelligence of the body and thereby maintains the vitality of the physiology, and also maintains a healthy relationship between the body and its counterparts in the physiology of the Cosmic Body - the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars - through Jyotish, Yoga, Sthapatya Veda, Dhanur-Veda, and all other aspects of the Vedic Literature.
'These values of health are not available in any of the prevailing systems of health care, due to which the present health care system is not only incomplete, but it has been found to be dangerous.
'Discovery of the Veda and Vedic Literature at the basis of human physiology offers a perfect system of health care on the basis of the complete knowledge of Natural Law available within the intelligence of the body of everyone. This Vedic System of Health Care supports health from the level of the infinite organising power of Natural Law.'


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