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Benefits of the Programme

Following are a few of the many benefits of Maharishi's Corporate Development Programme as documented by over 600 scientific studies conducted at more than 200 universities and research institutions in 30 countries around the world.

Benefits of the Programme

  1. Improved productivity
  2. Increased creativity
  3. Improved job performance
  4. Increased sales and profits
  5. Improved teamwork and communication
  6. Reduced stress
  7. Improved employee health
  8. Reduced absenteeism and sick days
  9. Reduced need for health care
  10. Reduced health care costs
  11. Reduced job accidents and injuries

Benefits for Executives

  1. Increased creativity and intelligence
  2. Broader comprehension with increased ability to focus
  3. Improved problem-solving ability and decision making
  4. Improved health
  5. Reduction of stress and tension
  6. More energy and vitality
  7. Reversal of biological ageing
  8. Improved relations with colleagues and employees
  9. Improved family life
  10. Reduced high blood pressure and cholesterol

Benefits for Employees

  1. Improved efficiency
  2. Increased alertness
  3. Fewer mistakes, improved work safety
  4. Improved job performance with less stress
  5. Reduced job worry and tension
  6. Reduced fatigue
  7. Better mental and physical health
  8. Better work relationships
  9. Increased happiness and job satisfaction
  10. Improved family life
  11. Reduced smoking, alcohol consumption, and drug abuse

Benefits for the Nation

  1. Reduced crime
  2. Reduced accidents
  3. Decreased turbulence and violence in society
  4. Improved national economy
  5. Improved quality of life
  6. Improved international relations

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