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Transcendental Meditation is widely practised by the industrial and governmental leaders of India. Recently Maharishi Corporate Development Programme has been introduced to the multinational giants of India, Tata Tea Ltd. and Tata Chemicals. 20,000 managers and employees of Tata Tea and 6,000 of Tata Chemicals have taken part in the programme. Other renowned companies enjoying the benefits of this unique programme include: Associated Cement, Indian Aluminium, Reckitt & Colman, Oriental Bank of Commerce, SRF, Eveready, Tata Unisys, BHEL, Jindal Polyester, Indian Petro Chemicals Ltd., Anand Group, DCM Shriram, Finolex, Hewlett Packard India, DCM Financial Services, Indian Sugar and General Engineering Corporation, SWIL, Williamson Magor and Co., and Kribhco.

South India Research Institute Ltd.

South India Research Institute Ltd. (SIRIS) comprises 16 industries manufacturing basic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and edible oils. A total of 3,000 employees are working in the SIRIS group of industries. A large majority of employees practise Transcendental Meditation.

After implementation of the Maharishi Corporate Development Programme, G.S. Raju, chairman of the corporation, noted: 'Transcendental Meditation is practised during working hours twenty minutes twice a day. Apart from improving performance, this has helped the progress of the company. Workers now work only 7 hours but produce 10 hours worth of output. Before learning Transcendental Meditation in 8 hours of work the productivity was equivalent to only 6 hours -- an increase of productivity by 57%. In addition, there was a marked reduction in stress, reduced absenteeism, and the workers reported less fatigue, worries, and anxiety. We have found a more relaxed, peaceful and comfortable atmosphere and working climate in our companies.'

USA Fortune 100 Company

One of the largest corporations in the United States turned to the Maharishi Corporate Development Program in an effort to improve employee health and effectiveness.

Managers and employees in a large Midwestern manufacturing plant of the Fortune 100 company, as well as those in a Pennsylvania distribution company, learned the Transcendental Meditation technique (company names withheld in accord with corporate policies). After 3 months the employees who learned the TM technique were compared with a control group of non-meditating employees who worked at similar job sites, held similar job positions, had similar demographics (age, education, etc.), and similar personality characteristics before the study began.

Published Research

The study was published in the international scientific journal Anxiety, Stress, and Coping. Researchers reported that, compared to controls, the group that learned the TM technique had significantly:

Less anxiety, job tension, insomnia, and fatigue

Reduced cigarette and hard liquor use

Improved health and fewer health complaints

Enhanced effectiveness, job satisfaction, and work/personal relationships.

Published Research

A study published in a leading management journal found that managers and employees practising the Transcendental Meditation program an average of 11 months* showed significant improvements in job performance and job satisfaction as compared to members of a control group of co-workers and supervisors. People at every level of the organisation benefited from the TM program.

Large Multinational Company

Sumitomo Heavy Industries

More than 10,000 business people in Japan have learned the Transcendental Meditation technique. Over 2,000 of them are top executives of leading Japanese companies including Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Toyota Motor Company, Kyocera (Yashika), and One World Supermarkets. Over 100 Japanese companies have introduced the TM program to their managers and employees.

After the implementation of the Transcendental Meditation program at Sumitomo Heavy Industries, a high technology company with about 8,000 employees, research on the project was conducted by the National Institute of Industrial Health of the Japanese government's Ministry of Labour. The study evaluated 447 participating managers and employees in comparison to 321 controls at the same company. Participants showed substantial improvements in physical and mental health, including significant reductions in anxiety, insomnia, depression, emotional instability, physical complaints, smoking, and digestive problems.

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