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Maharishi's Master Management turns around all the problems of management by developing full alertness, full creativity, and full support of Nature through proper education and training, achieving the immediate and distant goals of management.

Full alertness, full creativity, and full support of Nature result from:

  1. Release of stress;
  2. Increased vitality;
  3. Improved health;
  4. Nourishing working environment.

Full alertness, full creativity, and full support of Nature result in:

  1. Increased production and sales;
  2. A healthy level of competitiveness maintained in national and international markets;
  3. Improved health, wealth, and wisdom of each individual and the company as a whole;
  4. Ever-increasing success and fulfilment of the company, day by day.

Maharishi's Master Management offers prevention and also cure -- it prevents failures, disallows problems, and promotes progress and increasing success.

The absolute formula for perfect management is to open our awareness to the infinite organising power of Natural Law, which is the manager within our own body. Opening our awareness to the infinite organising power of Natural Law means opening our awareness to the managing intelligence of Natural Law, which is the total potential of Natural Law.

When our awareness is open to this level of intelligence within ourself then the organising power of Natural Law is spontaneously awake in our intellect, mind, senses, and behaviour, and all our thought, speech, and action spontaneously flow in the evolutionary direction of Natural Law.

The formula to gain mastery over management is to gain custody of this infinite organising power of Natural Law in our awareness, for which the call of Natural Law from within everyone is 'return come back' and be established in self-referral consciousness, and inspire the infinite organising power of Natural Law to work for you.

The same call comes from the Bhagavad-Gita, one of the textbooks of Natural Law, which is also reverberating in the inner intelligence of the body of everyone:

Nistrai-gunyo bhav-Arjuna
(Bhagavad-Gita, 2.45)

Be without the three Gunas, O Arjuna!

The Bhagavad-Gita sings the song of invincibility; it sings the song of the absolute managing power eternally lively, eternally functioning, eternally managing the eternally complex diversity of our physiology.

It is only necessary that our awareness does not remain closed to it. Our awareness should remain open to it. Whatever our awareness will open to will be served by the infinite organising power of our own self-referral managing intelligence. This means that the development of managerial skills should primarily centre in gaining the self-referral state of intelligence, and only secondary importance should be given to gathering information about different values of one's concern or one's profession.

The structure of Veda -- the structuring dynamics of the inner intelligence of our body -- is the basic field of infinite organising power, which is simultaneously and constantly engaged in managing the innumerable diverse functions of the physiology. This is that level of the perfect skill of management, which manages innumerable diverse values simultaneously.

The discovery of the forty areas of the physiology, the dynamics of the managing power of intelligence structured in forty qualities of the self-referral field of intelligence, has given us the lively manager, active manager, functioning manager, within everyone.

Training in managerial skills requires opening our awareness to this level of intelligence, which just amounts to gaining familiarity with the lively field of managing intelligence.

Maharishi Institute of Management has been established for everyone to gain familiarity with this central switchboard of Cosmic Management, which is already the functioning intelligence of everyone's body.

The goal is to open this inner treasury to everyone, on all levels of thought, speech, and action.

Due to lack of knowledge about this theme of developing excellence in management, the whole field of management is full of problems.

Maharishi Institute of Management handles the turn around of any company or the restoration of any failing industry from this field of managing intelligence, which is lively within everyone. In the case of a company, the turn around will only be complete on a permanent basis when everyone in the company has the opportunity to avail of this holistic management, this complete theme of training in management, so that they handle every aspect of their life successfully.

There is a common proverb that 'there are wheels within wheels', and the gearbox of management has to be so organised that each wheel contributes to the smooth running of every other wheel. This secret of management, practised in Maharishi's Master Management, places management on a level of that efficiency and effectiveness of Natural Law, which governs the universe with perfect order and eternally in a problem-free manner.

This aspect of 'wheels within wheels' is displayed in the hierarchy of the absolute management of Natural Law. This hierarchy has one eternal Unity on the top -- self-referral consciousness -- and gains the structure of Law, Natural Law, when it is expressed as Samhita of Rishi, Devata, Chhandas -- the unified state of three structures, or three qualities, of Rishi, Devata, Chhandas, or the observer, process of observation, and the observed -- total subjectivity, objectivity, and their relationship.

This second stage of the hierarchy of management sequentially evolves into major clusters, and each of these clusters have their own divisions and subdivisions, and the divisions and subdivisions of each of these clusters have their perfect theory and its application for the alignment of any management with the perfect management of Natural Law.

Study of these areas of excellence in management constitute the mainstream of training in Maharishi Institute of Management. This training develops the ability to prevent problems and to achieve 'company turn around' for any company, big or small.

To gain mastery in management (real first class MBA) will take some time, but the ability to use a few formulas from all these forty clusters of the organising power of Natural Law does not take much time. It can be likened to building a machine, which requires a much longer time than learning how to operate it.

This is the first generation to offer solutions to the problems of management in the thousands of years of struggling history of management; that is why, due to lack of the availability of a sufficiently large number of trained experts, Maharishi Institute of Management will be accepting just a few cases of 'company turn around' during the year. Maharishi Institute of Management is now introducing perfection in the field of management for centuries to come -- for all ages to come.

We are using the phrase 'for ages to come' because of the perfection of this system of training in management through Natural Law. There can be no improvement to the offer of Maharishi's Master Management, which is completely competent to meet the requirements of management for all times. There can be no improvement to the efficiency and effectiveness of management through Natural Law -- nothing can ever supercede Maharishi's Master Management in the whole range of performance of Natural Law for all future times.

In the process of revitalising troubled industries, we do not think of money primarily, because the obvious scarcity of money and other values that cause industry to decline is basically due to lack of fortune, which means lack of the support of Nature -- lack of support of Natural Law -- lack of support of the evolutionary power of Natural Law -- which shadows alertness, inhibits the flow of creative intelligence, limits innovation from within, and obstructs the nourishing influence from the environment, resulting in scarcity of all that is helpful for success.

Therefore, our primary focus is to do everything to eliminate the violation of Natural Law and gain the support of Natural Law, which will bring a new sunshine of good luck, inspiring innovation and creativity from within, and bringing a nourishing influence from all around -- support of Nature from everywhere -- opening a new, great gate of fortune for the revitalisation of the company.

Our approach to the restoration of the company is from the most basic level of life, the level of the evolutionary power of Natural Law -- the ever-evolutionary organising power of Natural Law.

(1) Nivartadhwam (Rk Veda, 1019.1).

(2) Brahma bhavati sarathih (Rk Veda, 1.158.6).

(3) The Itihas is one of the thirty-six values of the Vedic Literature, which in its physiological form is expressed in the voluntary motor and sensory projections.

(4) As Maharishi Institute of Management is being established in many parts of the world, very soon there will be an adequate number of trained experts to put an end to all problems of management.

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