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Executive Summary

Maharishi Corporate Development Programme brings the perfection of Vedic Management - Natural Law based management - to the world of business and industry. By developing full alertness, full creativity, and full support of Nature - by developing the Vedic Consciousness of the Manager - Maharishi Corporate Development Programme makes management successful and free from problems.

Maharishi Corporate Development Programme offers a proven technology of human resource development - Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation - with an unmatched 40-year track record of success. Implemented in hundreds of companies world-wide, including Fortune 100 companies in the U.S. and leading firms in India, Japan and Europe, Maharishi Corporate Development Programme has been shown to be highly effective in improving employee health, creativity, and productivity while reducing and eliminating the detrimental effects of stress on employee health and job performance. This unique programme is easy to implement and cost-effective. The benefits are both immediate and cumulative.

Maharishi Corporate Development Programme is the only programme of human resource development that has been validated by extensive published scientific research. Its benefits have been documented in over 600 published studies conducted at over 200 universities and research institutions, including Harvard Medical School, Stanford University, University of Chicago, and UCLA. These studies have been published in such leading journals as the Academy of Management Journal, Science, Psychosomatic Medicine, Hypertension, American Psychologist, and American Journal of Managed Care. Key research findings include the following:

  • Improved Productivity and Job Performance: Enhanced job performance and job satisfaction, improved teamwork and communication, increased productivity, improved relations with co-workers and supervisors, and reduced absenteeism and sick days. Numerous company case studies have documented increased sales revenues and profits, improved employee morale, more harmonious work environment, and reduced mistakes, job accidents, and injuries.

  • Improved Health: Reduced risk factors for ill health such as stress and anxiety, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insomnia, smoking, drinking, and drug abuse. Reduced need for health care and decreased health care costs: 56% less hospitalisation overall, including 87% less hospitalisation for heart disease, and 55% less for cancer. Reversal of biological ageing.

  • Unfoldment of Mental Potential: Increased creativity and intelligence, broader comprehension along with increased ability to focus, improved memory and learning ability, improved problem-solving ability and decision making, reduced stress and job tension, improved personal and work relationships, and improved psychological health.

Vedic Management --
Natural Law Based Management

Maharishi Corporate Development Programme offers a uniquely effective approach to developing the most fundamental resource of every business - human consciousness. Consciousness is at the basis of the alertness, creativity, organising power, efficiency, health, and happiness of every executive and employee. Thus it is the consciousness of its personnel that ultimately determines the performance and success of the company as a whole.

Maharishi Corporate Development Programme provides the technology that enlivens in mind and body the deepest level of intelligence - Transcendental Consciousness, or pure consciousness - which is the total potential of Natural Law, a state of perfect orderliness and a reservoir of unlimited creativity. Through daily practice of this technique, the individual gains the ability to think and act from this level, thereby spontaneously gaining the support of the infinite creativity and organising power of Natural Law for maximum success and achievement in daily life.

As the full creative potential of consciousness unfolds, thinking becomes more comprehensive and free from mistakes; decisions are spontaneously more in harmony with Natural Law; and actions are increasingly effective, powerful, and life-supporting. With the development of consciousness, the company enjoys rapid progress and support of Natural Law.

Employing the skilled hand of nature in this way brings smooth, problem-free administration and good fortune to the company. While achieving its economic goals, the company promotes the health and well-being of its employees and enriches the quality of life in society. This is Vedic Management - Maharishi's Natural Law Based Management.

The Programme

Maharishi Corporate Development Programme is structured as an 18-hour programme consisting of 10 in-house seminars, including instruction in Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation technique, two personal consultations with each participant, and an optional two-day in-residence seminar. An optional continuing programme is recommended to maximise participation and long-term benefits.

Maharishi Corporate Development Programme:

  • Develops full alertness, full creativity, and full support of Nature
  • Offers holistic and cumulative benefits to the company, executives, employees, and the Nation
  • Scientifically proven
  • 40-year record of success
  • Easy to learn and practise, with immediate effects
  • Easy to implement - fits into company routine
  • Cost-effective - high return on investment

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